Infrastructure / Labs

Engineering Physics Lab

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Hall effect setup, Newtons Ring apparatus, Laser

Engineering Chemistry Lab

Digital Oven, Furnace, Redwood Viscometer, Penskys Martin Flash point apparatus, Freeze, Microwave Oven

Language Lab

Equipped with :International Lingua-phone Kit

ETNL SoftwareLenovo Think Centre Desktop Computer System

Headphone with mike, DVD Writer

Cable Switch J.E. 0064, CISCO LINK Sport Switch

UPS: 5 KVA WITH BATTERIES (Two in number)

Departmental library:

Books Available in library:

  • Available for students & Staff,
  • No. of Current Text And Referance Books, 369
  • Large No. of CBT's, 31
  • No. of Reference Manuals, Journals etc 35
Language Lab

Language Laboratory with ETNL Software:

All 25 Computers are Connected to the Internet

Well Equipped Class Rooms

Healthy, species, good light and fan arrangement, with OHP, Internet/Intranet Facility