About Hostels

Boys Hostels (5)
Swami Vivekananda Hostel

125 Triple seated Rooms,

Sant Dnyaneshwar Hostel

54 Double Seated Rooms

Adya Shankaracharya Hostel

83 Double Seated Rooms

Sant Kabir Hostel

64 Double Seated Rooms

Sri Gurunanak Hostel

64 Double Seated Rooms

Girls Hostels (3)
Sant Muktabai Hostel

60 Double Seated Rooms

Sant Meerabai Hostel

75 Double Seated Rooms

Sant Janabai Hostel

103 Double Seated Rooms

Rules and Regualations
  • Room and Room partner once allotted will not be changed at any circumstances.
  • Every Hosteller must make a entry of their PC/Laptop to the respective Hostel Warden.
  • Every hosteller must wear proper dress while moving in the hostel or college premises.
  • No hosteller is allowed to take any kind of eatables in the college and hostel premises.
  • The preparation of 'Tea, Coffee, etc. is not allowed in the hostel rooms.
  • No hosteller will be allowed to consume Drugs and Liquor in the hostel premises. If found the hostellers will be permanently rusticated from the hostel immediately
  • Smoking in Hostel/College premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Explosives/Crackers are strictly banned in College/Hostel Premises.
  • Hanging/Sticking of posters on the walls, doors and windows are not allowed.
  • No hostellers will be allowed to bring Sticks, Steel Rods, Chains, Knife, or any kind of weapons in the hostel, if found the hosteller will be permanently rusticated from the hostel immediately.
  • Every hosteller should keep the bathroom and toilet walls clean.
  • No hosteller will leave the hostel without permission of hostel authority, while going out of station.
  • Every hosteller must make proper and economical use of lights and fan. He/She must put off all electric switches while going outside.
  • No hosteller will be allowed to use Heater, Iron, and CD/DVD Players in the room. If found same may be forfeited.
  • Every hosteller should make proper use of the furniture provided by the college. Furniture once given will not be changed.
  • No hosteller should compel a fellow hosteller who is junior to him, for any kind of personal work.
  • No hosteller can call a fresher to his room without the permission of the warden.If found it will be treated as offense of ragging and will be permanently rusticated from the hostel immediately.
  • Any kind of ragging inside or outside the college/hostel premises is not allowed. If anybody found guilty of ragging, disciplinary action will be taken on the spot which will be binding on the defaulter.
  • No hosteller can entertain outside friends in the room.
  • Every hosteller should report in the hostel before 10 P.M. (Boys) and 7 P.M. (Girls). Nobody will be allowed to go outside from 10 P.M. to 6 A.M.
  • The decision of the Chief-Warden/Warden will be final in the case of any dispute or problem.
  • No hosteller is allowed to keep Motorcycle/Scooter for his use.
  • Hostel authority is not responsible for any kind of theft.
  • No hosteller/outsider will be permitted to enter in hostel premises from 10 P.M. to 6.A.M. without prior permission of hostel warden.
Hostel Wardens

Dr. R..M.Kharate
(Mo. 9423445822)

Following faculty and staff members have been appointed as a warden for the session 2017-18. All the students residing in the hostels are advised to contact their warden for any type of difficulty.

Sr.No. Name of the faculty/staff Hostel Responsibility Mobile No.
1 Prof. S. V. Bhagat Boys/Girls Assistant Chief Warden 9922127385
2 Ms. S. S. Lokhande S.J. Warden 7741946886
Hostel Contact

Dr. R..M.Kharate (Mo. 9423445822)
Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Engineering
Khamgaon Road , Shegaon, Maharashtra 444 203